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Meet Helena

German Language Learning Expert

Hey everyone!


If you are looking for a native and professional german teacher with almost eight years of experience that helps you learn the language in a fun and effective way - here I am!

It doesn´t matter if you want to learn or improve your german skills for educational, professional or private reasons - I am more than ready ho help you and provide useful strategies to achieve your goals as fast as possible.


I´m Helena - born in Russia (Sibiria) and grown up in the north of Germany - and recently moved to the beautiful city Barcelona. I love to get to know new people and different cultural backgrounds and people know me as a very communicative and open person that loves to spread positive vibes.


During the last couple of years I taught German and Spanish in several schools in Germany (Hannover) and Spain (Barcelona). Although my studies (Master of Education with the subjects Spanish and German) were more focused on german for native speakers, I also obtained the "DaF-certificate" that enabled me to teach german as a foreign language. This is why I can guarantee you a very differentiated look at the german language that helps me understand several difficulties and struggles of my students. To give you some examples, I taught German in the "Instituto Público Verdaguer", the language school "Assadé" (Barcelona) and the school "Werk-statt-Schule" (Hannover).


My goal is to really enable you to use the german language in several authentic settings and situations. That is why we probably won´t have one single class where you don´t have to actually speak. I am going to look for authentic topics that make you use new grammar, vocabulary etc. dealt with in class imbedded in a relevant and interesting communicative setting. We are going to work with actual newspaper articles, news and videos to see how the language is really used.


Interested? If so, I encourage you to book a trail lesson with me so we can get to know each other, talk about your goals and I will work out a plan to help you the best I can to achieve your goals!


Hope hearing from you,

Helena :)


Customized Language Learning

My goal is to help you learn German in a fun and effective way, whether it's for educational, professional or personal reasons. As your native and professional German teacher, I bring almost eight years of experience teaching German and Spanish in schools in Germany and Spain.

We will use a differentiated approach to teaching German, based on my Master of Education with a focus on German for native speakers, as well as my certification in teaching German as a foreign language. Our methodology is designed to help you overcome any difficulties or struggles you may encounter while learning German.

Our classes will focus on developing your ability to use German in authentic settings and situations. To achieve this, we will work on relevant topics that provide opportunities to use new grammar and vocabulary, including authentic news articles, videos and other materials.

Throughout the course, you will be encouraged to speak German as much as possible. Our methodology emphasizes communicative competence, meaning you will have many opportunities to practice speaking, listening, reading and writing in German.

If you're interested in learning German in a fun and effective way, I encourage you to book a trial lesson with me. During this lesson, we will discuss your goals and develop a personalized plan to help you achieve them. I look forward to working with you!

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